A mom to two littles, in love with all things typography + guilty of always having paint hands.

My favorite thing about graphic design? The smell of a freshly printed project…hands down.

Aside from getting my jollies with boxes from the printer, I have been a professional graphic designer for thirteen years, four in New York and nine of the most recent as a Wyoming transplant.

I love everything creative and the best part of my week never ceases to be anything aside from making, making, making. Sharing the maker spirit with my kiddos? Now that will always take the cake.


BA in Marketing + Graphic Design // Marist College // 2007

Creative Director // Big Horn Design Studio // Present

Owner + Artist // Go Slo // Present


Cheyenne Botanic Gardens // Cheyenne, Wy // 2020

Main Frame // Sheridan, Wy // 2019

Art321 // Casper, Wy // 2019

Paramount Gallery // Cheyenne, Wy // 2018


Diamond Ball Exhibition // The Nicolaysen Art Museum // 2019


Runner Up Best in Show // The Nicolaysen Art Museum // 2019


Bria just so happened to find her love of painting in a long-ago high school art class. Her first concentration (a Star Wars theme, because nerding) catapulted the act of putting color on canvas from just a homework assignment to something she wanted to eat, breathe and sleep.

Fast forward fifteen years, three states, a hubby + two kids later, her brushes had been collecting dust as a casualty of a busy life.  Finding herself in a creative rut, Bria gingerly picked up the brushes and dusted off the figurative rust.   

She rediscovered her love for big-brush, boldly-pigmented style and began to explore the Wyo world around her. Today, she brings her subjects to whimsical life through the use of organic lines and unexpected color combinations against the heavy contrast of dark underpainting.

She is currently exploring a body of Contemporary Wildlife work with acrylic on canvas.

Bria is available for commissions + gallery showings.